Linda Fairfield Beaman

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Linda Fairfield
Class Year: 1960
Residing In: Lebanon, IN USA
Spouse/Partner: Ron Beaman
Occupation: Certified Medical Assistant (Retired)
Children: Richard N. Cavin II (Rick), born 1962 and spent 22 years in the Navy, Kelly Cavin Taylor, born 1963 More…and Julie Cavin Childress. born 1965. The three of them gave me 10 grandchildren, who then gave me 19 great-grandchildren...whew!! Makes me feel really old! But they also make for fun holidays and who can resist a sweet baby to cuddle?
Yes! Attending Reunion

I stayed home to raise my kids, then I went to Professional Careers Institute for my Certified Medical Assisting Degree in 1985. I've worked in several doctor's offices in Lebanon doing back office duties as I like the patient contact.

School Story:

Maxine Allen ran for queen in our Senior year and the winner was determined by how much money each candidate (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior) raised at a penny a vote. I stood in the cafeteria after lunch to hit the guys up for money when they came down to buy ice cream. I was determined that our classmate would win. The Sunshine Society had something to do with this contest and since I was the treasurer I helped count the money. When I learned that our class had won I was so excited and Maxine was so deserving! Mrs. Leonard reminded me that it had to be kept a secret until the crowning. I kept the secret, but I sure wanted to tell Maxine! Mrs. Leonard would have had my head on a platter (literally) if I had told!

Speaking of Mrs. Leonard, one day in Home Ec. we made muffins or cookies. Of course we ate what we made. There were four kitchens. The next class after us (Juniors) also made goodies, and they found mealworms in the flour that had just been used. Those Junior girls could hardly wait to tell us what they found! I was sure glad they weren't found in my kitchen. I think it was Bonnie Disborough's. Only she knows for sure. Although Mrs. Leonard assured us that mealworms wouldn't kill us, and that the flour had been tossed, we all checked our ingredients very carefully after that. I still do to this very day.

I also remember one day in band practice when I tossed my baton high into the air and it went out of control and into the band. I yelled "look out' and the band scattered. It came down and landed in Donnie Crouch's tuba. How embarrassing!

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Aug 03, 2018 at 8:59 PM
Dec 02, 2014 at 12:32 AM

Judy was one of my best friends in high school.  We had kept in contact occasionally throughout the years and more so in the last several years. We went to the alumni banquets together or made plans to meet there where we had some good times and good visits.

 During a visit at her bakery she showed me an album of cakes that she and her helpers had made  They were beautiful!  She was so talented in cake decorating.  We had a great visit and she loaded me up with several goodies to take home. She was a generous lady, donating and delivering cakes to a men's recovery center.

Judy let me know about her illness in a factual way.  It was said at her service that she never complained throughout her treatment.  That would be Judy.

 Judy was a true and loyal friend and I will miss her more than words can say.